Dear People,


of the conscious movement in the wide fields of:

Yoga, Meditation, Breathwork, Dance, Film, Art, Stage, Music, Food, Tantra, Nature, Healing, Bodywork, Therapy…

This platform is GOING TO BE a free, social, safe, independent, international index of and for conscious people, events and places.

The time has come to use todays technology to help people to find each other, to heal, to teach and learn, to understand through the own experiences won in any kind of „spiritual“ practices, session, workshops, treatments, gatherings… what so ever, that we can live peaceful and in harmony with nature on this amazing planet earth.

Its a platform to promote yourself, your events and your venue, to search and find and to get connected. The purpose why i m doing this is not making a business out of it. aoum will be free of costs for all people and free of commercials. For several good reasons, i ll gift it to the world. My inner voice told me in a deep cacao meditation, that this is what i should do. So take it.

As i m setting up this website i need your help now with the first informations on this platform, as i cannot invent all the content, to create an example BETA version for the first public presentations (29.3.18). People need to see how it works in order to understand and support. Without any content, this site makes no sense.

I m organising a social media and a crowdfunding campaign and I ll shoot a video.

I ll print postcards (so the project can be send around the world) and create an info flyer to download on the website for people to print a few themselves and hand them out.

As soon as my part of „concepting“ this platform and finding the right design to make it accesible for everybody is done, i ll hand it over to a specialist programmer, this site is going to be data safe and indepented. After the launch i will take care of spreading the word beside my work i do for a living.

aoum is planned to be a movement. Like when u sing the sound OM,  its spreading its vibrations, aoum will flow around the world.

The launch of this platform is planned for this summer 2018.
Its a very nice opportunity for u, to be seen already in the campaigns and the first print promo.

Please take this chance and fill the forms.

(In the Menue you see the links to create a profile, an event or set up a venue profile…)


Thank u.